Trucking regulations seek to drive down emissions, fuel consumption

Excerpt from NPR article:

New rules from the federal government will put tighter regulations on the trucking industry. The restrictions are aimed at cutting carbon pollution and bolstering fuel efficiency.

Beginning in 2018, the new rules will require cleaner, more fuel-efficient engines in new trucks and buses. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the changes will cut greenhouse gas emissions by approximately one billion metric tons, drop fuel consumption for tractor trailers by up to 24 percent, and set a worldwide example for how to combat climate change.

But how will the changes impact Connecticut truckers?

“Most of the trucking companies based here in Connecticut are small businesses,” said Joseph Sculley from the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut. Sculley said the trucking industry wants to see emissions go down, but with this, and prior emission mandates from the EPA, the changes are hard to keep up with.

The full text of the story, as well as an audio file of an on-air broadcast with statements by MTAC President Joe Sculley, is available on the NPR website. The audio is also embedded below.