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  • Ken Freeman
    This is an original. My wife is the hardest working human I know. She always tries to do the right thing. But sometimes, when life tries to beat her down, we have to make a run for the ocean. Nothing renews the spirit like salt air and sunshine. This started ... read more
    Published on 2018-04-24
  • Open a can of realism before buying that first truck
    The decision to buy that first truck: While it's often driven by an emotional sense of just how much better life will be, ultimately, strive to find the truth in your own calculus. We can be very good at lying to ourselves to justify our desires. ... read more
    Published on 2018-04-24
  • Startup testing highly autonomous system in retrofitted Peterbilts in Arizona
    TuSimple, a 30-month-old San Diego-based autonomous truck startup, says it is currently testing three Level 4 autonomous Peterbilt trucks in Arizona. Level 4 autonomy (on a scale of 1 to 5) doesn’t require any action by a human driver and is widely considered the first level of “fully autonomous” driving. ... read more
    Published on 2018-04-24