Sign the petition opposing tolls

The Connecticut legislature is considering an unprecedented proposal to bring variable-price tolls to Connecticut’s interstate highways. This type of plan has never been done before on U.S interstate highways. You paid for these highways with fuel taxes, vehicle registration fees, and more. Get your opposition to this latest tax scheme on the record by signing this petition.

The tolling bills would have trucks pay significantly higher tolls than cars, despite the fact that the trucking industry already pays more than its fair share.

The tolling proposals are being sold as a way to reduce congestion, but the only way they will reduce congestion is when the tolls are made too expensive so that drivers can’t afford to drive on the highways.

This is not what the government should do for taxpayers who have already paid for these roads. Let your voice be heard by signing this petition, and then pass it on, and call your elected state representatives and senators.

This article was original published on May 18, 2017.