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Service fee changes on Indiana UCR website

From Bob Pitcher, State Laws Newsletter.

Registration opened for the 2017 Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Agreement fee year on Oct. 1, 2016. Most carriers and other entities subject to UCR fees register and pay those fees through the national UCR website operated by the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Indiana has always charged a $3 fee per registration, which the state has used to fund its operation of the site, but this has now been eliminated since the UCR Board now reimburses Indiana its costs. On the other hand, the registration system will charge a new fee of 2.63 percent on registrations paid by business (as opposed to personal) credit cards.

The existing system fees for the use of debit cards (generally a flat $3.75), for personal credit cards (1.99 percent), and for e-checks ($1) all remain the same. (Indiana does not retain any of these fees; they go to the users’ service providers.)

Ss we noted before, the 2017 UCR fees themselves are unchanged from prior years.