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MTAC testimony to Governor’s Council on Climate Change

This week, MTAC President Joe Sculley provided testimony at a public meeting of the Governor’s Council on Climate Change. Mr. Sculley urged the Council to ensure that they properly account for federal regulations that impact the transportation industry. He stated that not accounting for rules such as the joint EPA/NHTSA Phase 2 rule in the Council’s “reference case” could result in unnecessarily aggressive public policy that impacts businesses in Connecticut.

He stated in part, “Please note that the Phase 2 rule covers more than just heavy duty commercial trucks. It also applies to heavy-duty pickup trucks, vans, and vocational vehicles. Accordingly, local reductions in Particulate Matter (PM) emissions and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions will result from burning less fuel.”

Because of this rule, by 2050, heavy-duty pickup trucks and vans will realize a total downstream GHG emissions reduction of 11.7%, vocational vehicles will realize a reduction of 16.1%, and tractor-trailers will realize a reduction of 23%. Overall, this amounts to a 20% GHG (CO2, CH4, N20) emission reduction by 2050.

EPA estimates indicate that much of the emissions reductions from this rule will be realized before 2050. By 2040, the GHG emissions reductions will be 11.2% / 14.9% / 21.3% / 18.5%, respectively.

While it is probably not possible to determine benefits specific to Connecticut, I think it is safe to say that the scope of this rule will have significantly positive environmental impacts for Connecticut.”

To see a copy of the complete remarks to the Governor’s Council on Climate Change, click here.