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MTAC hosts Inspector Certification class on Sept. 21

MTAC will host our first Inspector Certification class of 2021 on Sept. 21. Below you will find a course description and a link to sign up for the class.

Under federal law, commercial motor vehicle inspectors are required to be certified to be able to conduct federal annual inspections. Inspectors must be capable of performing inspections with a minimum work experience of at least one year, have a full understanding of the tools and methods of inspection, and have a complete understanding of the federal regulations. Inspector Certification is a self-certification by the mechanic/inspector to the employing motor carrier that he/she meets these requirements.

This Inspector’s Certification Course is designed to tie your inspector’s existing experience to the laws and standards of inspection as put forth in federal regulations. Participants in this course will be issued a management edition FMCSR book. They will be using the regulations to understand where to find and how to apply those regulations. Discussion on the legal liabilities of conducting federal annual inspections is included. Proper vehicle maintenance and service record-keeping is also part of this course. This course is designed for technicians with at least one year of experience, however, supervisors and others involved with vehicle maintenance programs are also encouraged to attend. Participants may self-certify if they meet the minimum requirements. This course will focus on the regulations pertaining to the entire vehicle inspection process. Technicians are also encouraged to take the brake training classes when available for brake specific certification requirements.