Message from MTAC partner Fleet Screen

MTAC partner Fleet Screen would like to remind all participants in the MTAC drug and alcohol testing consortium that there is a simple, efficient way to order new Chain of Custody (COC) forms, as well as test supplies. For COCs and supplies, simply email your request to, and you will receive immediate assistance. Similarly, for new clinic setups, email for immediate assistance.

If you are not currently enrolled in the drug and alcohol testing consortium run by Fleet Screen but would like to be, complete this attached setup form and remit it to Laurie Biggs ( and Shelley Sullivan ( Contact the MTAC office if you have questions about enrollment charges or any other aspect of participating in the consortium.

Fleet Screen is the official third party administrator of MTAC’s drug and alcohol testing consortium. Participants in the consortium enjoy price savings, great customer service, and greatly minimized administrative burdens that are required to comply with federal drug and alcohol testing requirements. In addition to random tests, they also assist members with required pre-employment drug tests, as well as other services.

Contact MTAC if you have questions about participating in the consortium administered by Fleet Screen.