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FMCSA moving under-21 pilot program forward, answers some concerns

From Commercial Carrier Journal.

In a Federal Register notice asking the White House to renew its Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration responded to some concerns from industry stakeholders during the agency’s previous request for the program earlier this year.

The Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program will allow 18- to 20-year-old truck drivers to drive in interstate commerce as apprentices with motor carriers that sign up to participate in the program.

The White House previously approved an information collection request (ICR) for the program under emergency procedures on Jan. 24. It expires on July 31. FMCSA said its request to have the ICR renewed is necessary for the agency to conduct the pilot program “to determine the safety impacts of allowing 18- to 20-year-old CDL holders to operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce. The ICR will cover data collected on drivers and carriers participating in the pilot program.”

After the first request in January, FMCSA said it received a total of 144 comments, and 102 of them were opposed to the program. The agency, in its new request, responded to a number of concerns expressed by commenters. Among the concerns raised were the following asks of the agency with respect to the program.

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