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Legislative Alert: Tell your legislators to oppose Calif. truck emissions standards

The Connecticut legislature is attempting to pass a bill which would have Connecticut adopt California’s truck emissions standards, rather than standards set by U.S. EPA. This could be done by either passing HB 5039 as a stand-alone bill, or adding it to a larger environmental bill, SB 4. This is a move that would impose significant costs on your business, while also putting you at a competitive disadvantage, because out-of-state trucks that come to or through Connecticut will not be required to meet these new, expensive standards.

MTAC members need to fight back. Tell your legislators to oppose HB 5039 – California truck emissions standards. This should be done immediately. If you do not know who your state senators and state representatives are, you can check here.

The main points you should highlight in your opposition are 1.) cost and 2.) competitive disadvantage.

MTAC has been told by the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) that adopting California standards will add $57,000 to the cost of a new diesel truck. The standards also contain a phased-in electric truck sales mandate, and one dealer told MTAC that a new heavy-duty electric truck will cost more than $410,000, compared to $135,000 for a diesel. A new medium-duty electric truck will cost more than $215,000, compared to $85,000 for a diesel. While there is discussion about “vouchers” that could be used to help offset the cost of electric trucks, the funds would not be guaranteed beyond the first year. There would not be anywhere near enough voucher funds available to make it worth it to purchase an electric truck.

Legislative testimony previously submitted by MTAC can be seen here.