Entry-level driver training clears review, implementation to proceed

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has completed its regulatory review of the Entry-Level Driver Training final rule and has determined the implementation will proceed as planned. The final rule, which spells out new training requirements for drivers seeking a commercial driver’s license, has been under review by FMCSA since February 1 under the terms of President Trump’s “Regulatory Freeze Pending Review” Memorandum.

Clearance of this rule from review allows implementation of this rule to proceed as planned. When fully implemented, drivers seeking to obtain a CDL for the first time will need to complete a training course from an approved training organization before they are able to take the required CDL skills test. Training courses must adhere to new federal minimum standards which outline required theory (classroom) and behind-the-wheel training. BTW training includes time spent on a driving range as well as road driving.

The new federal rules do not stipulate a minimum number of hours a driver must spend in the classroom setting or in behind-the-wheel training. Instead, drivers will have to demonstrate competence in both areas in order to receive a completion certificate. Drivers seeking a CDL will need to comply with the new rules beginning February 7, 2020.

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