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FMCSA takes steps to expedite apprentice driver pilot program

From Transport Topics. Federal trucking regulators are seeking emergency White House approval to take a first step toward a driver apprenticeship program included in last year’s sweeping $1 trillion infrastructure bill as a near-term measure to help alleviate the trucking industry’s ongoing driver shortage. The DRIVE-Safe Act, included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act […]

USDOT updates innovation, technology principles

From Transport Topics. The federal regulatory landscape for transportation operations must prioritize safety, economic growth and climate change, the leadership at the U.S. Department of Transportation recently affirmed in a series of guiding principles. To improve transportation users’ access to technological advancements anchored on safety features, the department updated a statement of priorities meant to […]

Supreme Court justices skeptical of vaccine-or-test mandate

From Fleet Owner. Judging by their Jan. 7 queries, a majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices sounded skeptical about the federal vaccine-or-test mandate—or “emergency temporary standard” (ETS)—set to take effect today nationwide. Justices questioned the sweeping scope of the ETS, stressing that such measures to battle the COVID-19 pandemic should come from Congress or states […]

Fearless supply chain predictions: Here’s what will happen in 2022

From FreightWaves. Goodbye, 2021. Hello, 2022. What do you have in store for us? More supply chain issues? More port congestion? More driver issues? More topsy-turvy developments? Probably a little bit of everything, according to FreightWaves writers. We asked our people on the front lines to look into the 2022 crystal ball and offer up […]

Insurance coverage of young drivers

MTAC is issuing this inquiry to all members regarding insurance coverage of younger drivers. A couple of members have recently told MTAC that their insurance carrier demanded that they fire younger drivers who were recently hired by the businesses. MTAC would like to know if this is becoming a widespread problem that might warrant some […]

Proposed House bill, Highway Accident Fairness Act of 2021, targets staged-accidents

From MG+M The Law Firm. On December 7, 2021, House Representatives Garret Graves (R-LA) and Henry Cuellar (D-TX) introduced the “Highway Accident Fairness Act of 2021.”[1] The Highway Accident Fairness Act of 2021 (the “Highway Fairness Act” or “Bill”) targets so-called “staged-accidents” which occur when individuals intentionally enter into vehicular accidents with commercial vehicles to […]

Capitalize on growing interest in technical careers

From Fleet Owner. Here’s some good news: Enrollment in trade schools is growing, according to several studies. But studies don’t always represent the real world, so I was happy to see the news that WyoTech, a diesel and automotive technician trade school, has seen its enrollment grow significantly—from 26 students in 2018 to 685 by […]

Looking ahead: Industry could be in for a steadier ride in 2022

From Freight Waves. It’s no secret the logistics industry has faced significant pandemic-related volatility throughout the past two years. With 2021’s elevated rates and strained capacity, many shippers are holding out hope for significant rebalancing in the new year. They may need to wait a little longer, however, as experts suggest current market conditions could […]

Diesel price drops again as New Year approaches

From Transport Topics. The national average price for a gallon of diesel continued on its downward trend as 2021 drew to a close, falling another 1.1 cents in the Dec. 27 weekly report provided by the Energy Information Administration. Trucking’s main fuel ended the year at $3.615 a gallon for its sixth straight weekly decline. […]

Driver shortage defines trucking for 2021

From Transport Topics. The shortage of professional drivers quickly became the defining issue for the industry during the past year with its far-reaching effects. American Trucking Associations estimates that the industry needs 80,000 more drivers. That figure is expected to worsen in the years ahead with a lack of new drivers to offset retirements and […]