Wilson Elser seminar covers required sexual harassment prevention training

A new law passed this year by the Connecticut General Assembly mandates sexual harassment prevention training for nearly every employer in the state. The new law requires that businesses with three or more employees provide sexual harassment prevention training to every employee.

MTAC is pleased to announce that our partner, the Wilson Elser law firm, will conduct a training class which covers this issue free of charge at the MTAC building on July 18 from 10 a.m. to Noon.

The training class will cover what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace, what to do if you experience or witness harassment, the potential penalties if the company or supervisor are found liable of harassment, and strategies to prevent harassment in the workplace. The training will also touch on harassment related to other protected characteristics like race, color, age, religion, or disability to name a few.

Business owners, CEOs, HR managers, and supervisors are some of the people who should consider attending this class. The bottom line is that not knowing what sexual harassment is or how to deal with it exposes employers to potential litigation and supervisors to individual liability.

Attend this class in order to learn the basics on how to ensure your business has an appropriate workplace culture that is free of any type of harassment.

Training to be presented by:

Register for the class on the MTAC website.