Weekend closure and detour of I-95 in Stamford begins May 31

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is reminding motorists that the first of two scheduled weekend closures and detours of I-95 in Stamford at Exit 9 is set to begin on Friday, May 31, 2019.  The closures are necessary to facilitate the installation of two new bridge structures carrying Route 1 over I-95.

Motorists are strongly advised to avoid the area during the closure timeframes to avoid heavy traffic delays.

Closure Details

The first weekend closure will occur on Friday, May 31, 2019:

  • 6 PM – Exit 9 on-ramps closed and Route 1 reduced to one lane
  • 9 PM – Closure of the off-ramps and the closure of Route 1 at the bridge (between Courtland and Seaside Avenues)
  • 11PM – I-95 will be closed at Exit 9, with traffic diverted to temporary roadways using the highway on and off-ramps

Both I-95 and Route 1 will be re-opened to traffic by 5 AM on Monday, June 3.

The second scheduled weekend closure will occur on Friday, June 7, 2019, following the same pattern used for the first closure, with Route 1 and I-95 re-opened by 5 AM on Monday, June 10.

Construction Update

The two new bridge spans have been completely formed and are ready for installation. Six hundred and twenty-eight cubic yards of concrete weighing over 1.5 million pounds was used to build the two bridge spans. About 32 miles of rebar was installed within the newly constructed bridge spans, and new structural steel was used to create the new bridge superstructures.  Each individual span to be lifted and set into place weighs between approximately 1.6 million pounds, and 1.8 million pounds.

In the two weeks leading up the closures, the contractor will be busy preparing the site as well as equipment that will be used to move the bridge spans into place.

There will be live streaming video feeds of construction during the weekends when the bridge is installed on the project website, www.i95exit9.com.