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USDOT updates innovation, technology principles

From Transport Topics.

The federal regulatory landscape for transportation operations must prioritize safety, economic growth and climate change, the leadership at the U.S. Department of Transportation recently affirmed in a series of guiding principles.

To improve transportation users’ access to technological advancements anchored on safety features, the department updated a statement of priorities meant to reflect President Joe Biden’s vision for the country’s mobility networks.

Specifically, the department noted officials would benefit by pursuing policies that would facilitate the development of infrastructure capable of withstanding the impact of severe weather events. Such infrastructure resilience would need to complement the adoption of technologies that would boost safety and communication across transportation modes.

“Innovations should reduce deaths and serious injuries on our nation’s transportation network, while committing to the highest standards of safety across technologies,” per the “U.S. DOT Innovation Principles” updated Jan. 6.

“The department must play a meaningful role in future-proofing infrastructure, enabling adaptability and resilience, and helping communities and public sector partners to bring legacy systems into the digital age,” according to the document. Additionally: “The department should identify opportunities for interoperability among innovations and foster cross-modal integration. In addition, DOT’s posture must remain nimble, with a commitment to support technologies that further our policy goals.”

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