Updates to MTAC Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

The administrator of MTAC’s drug and alcohol testing program, Fleet Screen, was recently acquired by DISA Global Solutions. Below are a couple of important updates regarding the transition.

Review of New Online Platform

As part of the integration, a new online platform is being rolled out for use by members in the drug and alcohol testing program. The new online platform will be used for various aspects of communication regarding the drug and alcohol testing process, for example, printing authorization forms, accessing test results, marking a driver as “unavailable” for a test on a particular day, etc.

Online training sessions for the new online platform were held earlier this summer, but some members may not have been able to participate.

Members who were unable to participate in the webinars can view the slides used in those presentations online.

Status Update Regarding MRO Change

The following is an excerpt from a message regarding changes to the Medical Review Officer (MRO) process as part of the Fleet Screen – DISA integration.

“In August, we will transition your Medical Review Officer results to University Services, which is a DISA subsidiary and handles all of the MRO reviews for DISA clients. University Services has a comprehensive MRO team to ensure timely turn-around of test results and runs a 24 hour around the clock on-call service.

Additional information will be forth coming. No action is needed on your part at this time.”

A copy of the complete letter regarding changes in the MRO process can be downloaded as a PDF.