Unfinished business piles up at the Connecticut Capitol

From CT Mirror.

Since the regular General Assembly session wrapped on June 5, lawmakers have said they’d be back this fall to tackle unfinished business.

A legal settlement with the hospital industry and a new state bond package have been on the to-do list since early June. Not long after that, Gov. Ned Lamont made it clear he wanted another crack at a long-term plan to rebuild transportation infrastructure.

And, as the summer waned, restaurant wages, payments to nursing homes and a potential ban on vaping cropped up.

And now, with two months left before the winter holiday season brings new scheduling challenges, Lamont and legislators are struggling to solve a Rubik’s Cube of policy issues and agree on an agenda they can adopt in special session this fall.

Legislators from both parties want a state bond package resolved soon, especially because tied up within that are key grants for cities and towns.

They also want to reverse a cut in funding for nursing homes with high vacancy rates.

Lamont says the bond package is fine, it should be on the agenda — and nursing homes at least can be discussed — provided legislators are ready to craft a long-term plan to rebuild highways, bridges and rail lines.

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