Traffic advisory for Wethersfield

MTAC has received communication from the Wethersfield, Connecticut mayor’s office regarding concerns about late night truck traffic on local roads, which is likely being driven by highway exit closures.

The state is currently doing road work on I-91 N near Exit 27, which serves as a direct route to some destinations in town for trucks. Additionally, the on-ramp to I-91 South at Exit 27 is closed overnight, which means outgoing traffic from the area has to be rerouted.

The message from the mayor’s office is that the most direct and less impactful (to local residential areas) route would be to stay on Route 99/Silas Deane Highway at Exit 24. Doing this would ensure that traffic does not get off I-91 at Exit 26 (Old Wethersfield) and drive through what is a mainly residential area.