Second round of Diesel Emissions Mitigation Program launches Aug. 1


The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is pleased to announce that the second round of funding under Connecticut’s Diesel Emissions Mitigation Program is expected to launch on August 1, 2019. Complete program details, including application forms, will be available on that date at the DEEP VW Settlement website.

Funds for this round of the Diesel Emissions Mitigation Program will finance projects that replace or repower an array of aging diesel mobile sources and/or non-road equipment to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions across the state. Eligible source categories and funding allocations are specified in the State of Connecticut Beneficiary Mitigation Plan and limited by the Environmental Mitigation Trust Agreement for State Beneficiaries.

Note: At this time, we will not be accepting funding applications for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). We expect to announce EVSE funding opportunities at a later date in 2019.

DEEP will hold an informational webinar on Aug. 7 at 1:30 p.m. discussing Round 2 of the Connecticut Diesel Emissions Mitigation Program.

The webinar will provide a brief background on the VW Settlement, a review of Round 1 funding, an overview and timeline for Round 2 of the Diesel Emissions Mitigation Program, a walk-through of the application form, and a Q&A period. Please note that we will not be taking any project specific questions during the webinar. Any project specific questions should be directed to

You will be required to pre-register for this event. If you are unable to participate in the webinar, it will be recorded and made available at the DEEP VW Settlement website.

Note from MTAC: Several MTAC members were approved for grant funding in Round 1 of this program. Members are encouraged to watch the webinar and subsequently apply for funding. Contact the MTAC office with questions.