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Report shows Connecticut’s aging bridges need repair, funding

From Transport Topics.

“In Connecticut, we don’t spend much of our road tax money, like fuel taxes and registration fees, on roads,” Sculley told Transport Topics. “If we did that, this issue would be addressed and this wouldn’t be as much of a problem.”

To fund infrastructure projects more efficiently, Connecticut voters will encounter a question on the ballot this November about an amendment that would create a lockbox for transportation funds. Lockbox measures ensure that transportation revenue is used for only transportation-related purposes.

Gov. Dannel Malloy told TT that a lockbox measure could help repair roads and rail in addition to bridges.

“I think states are struggling with how we are going to fund transportation when gas taxes start to shrink precipitously, and it’s almost impossible to have that discussion in a state unless the taxpayers are confident that the monies that are raised are going to be spent on transportation,” Malloy said.

Even if the amendment passes, Sculley said he doesn’t think roads and bridges will receive enough financial attention. He pointed out that transportation funds include issues other than road projects, such as pensions for DOT employees and transit spending. The solution, he said, is to increase the amount of money devoted solely to roads and bridges.

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