MTAC testifies on budget proposal

Late last week, MTAC President Joe Sculley testified before the legislature’s Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee on a couple of budget bills.

Regarding provisions which proposed bonding for transit purposes, he stated: “The STF [Special Transportation Fund] is funded almost entirely through revenue generated on taxes and fees paid by truckers and passenger car drivers (highway users). However, expenditures from the STF largely go to transit (non-highway) purposes. As those modes of transportation are not self-sustaining and require subsidies, increasing their capacity will require more and more revenue for subsidies.”

He added: “MTAC believes the current sources of revenue being brought into, and expended out of the STF render the current format of the STF no longer sustainable. Funding challenges under the current system will be multiplied when federal funding is no longer available for CTFastrak.”

Mr. Sculley then referenced support by MTAC for a Conn DOT proposal to fix the Charter Oak Bridge, because it will improve safety, add capacity, and relieve congestion. He concluded by saying, “MTAC respectfully requests that the Committee thoughtfully consider the financial implications of bonding for modes of transportation that will require additional subsidies, versus bonding for highway projects which will improve safety, add capacity, and ease congestion (which creates a drag on the economy).”

A copy of the complete testimony is available online.