MTAC submits testimony to Appropriations Committee

This week, MTAC President Joe Sculley submitted testimony to the joint Appropriations Committee regarding the budget proposal for the upcoming biennium. While Sculley credited the proposal for striving to provide some stability for the business community, he called for changes in order to preserve funding for state rest areas. Sculley stated that rest areas are very important for truck drivers who depend on them to take federally-mandated rest breaks.

Sculley offered potential amendments that could be adopted in order to preserve funding for rest areas. He stated, “One potential way to restore rest area funding would be to shift the $500,000 for ‘Funding for Public Transportation Marketing’ to rest area funding. Governor Malloy and the DOT said in August 2016 that 4 million rides had been taken on CT Fastrak since it began service in March 2015, far exceeding their expectations. If that is the case, the general public is well aware of CT Fastrak, and further marketing efforts are probably not necessary.

Another alternative could be a slight reduction in service on the Hartford Line in order to make funds available for rest areas. Some combination of these two suggestions could also be implemented.”

Sculley went on to further elaborate why rest areas are critical to the safety and security of truck drivers.

Click here to view a copy of the testimony.