MTAC on Talk of Connecticut radio show

Earlier this week, MTAC President Joe Sculley appeared as a guest on the Talk of Connecticut radio show to discuss tolling in Connecticut. While discussing the issue with the hosts, Mr. Sculley explained how in a recent public hearing held by the legislature’s Transportation Committee, the two main takeaways were that the state needs tolls for revenue, but more importantly, there is no current plan to implement tolling in the state.

During the conversation, Mr. Sculley detailed that no state in the country has ever implemented congestion-priced tolling on an interstate that had previously been toll free, and the challenges in attempting to do this, include the need for an environmental impact study, a traffic diversion study, and how tolls will impact local communities and economies.

An important effect that tolling might have on towns in the state is increased prices of goods and costs of living. A significant proportion of communities exclusively rely on trucks to provide and transport goods, and if trucking companies are forced to pay an additional tax in tolls, the companies will have to raise rates, which will result in increased prices. Trucks already pay a significant amount in additional taxes and fees, adding tolls to this will come with repercussions.

Listen to the full interview below.