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Malloy offers sermon on fairness; pushes agenda

From CT Post.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Wednesday offered a sermon on fairness, using his final State of the State address to push back at President Donald Trump’s policies and boost his own agenda and legacy.

“We find ourselves at a defining moment in our history, as a state and as a nation,” Malloy told a joint session of the General Assembly.

“We can no-longer afford the luxury of silence, or the alluring comfort of the status quo,” Malloy continued. “Too many people are embracing a newfound disregard for truth; it’s a bizarre reality where facts are called fake, and the free press is mocked and maligned in a way that we have never seen before.”

Malloy added “We won’t be able to solve every problem or right every wrong, but together we can send a signal to the rest of the nation — and indeed the rest of the world, that Connecticut leaders will always recognize injustice and inequity, and that we will meet it head on with compassion, with love, and with fairness.”

With that the lame duck governor – Malloy is not seeking re-election this fall – advocated solving the state’s transportation and congestion woes with electronic tolling on highways, higher gas taxes and other revenue enhancements.

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