Lamont says Connecticut’s vaccine rollout will now be prioritized by age

From CT Mirror.

Gov. Ned Lamont said Monday he is throwing out the state’s current playbook for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout – which had prioritized people with underlying medical conditions and certain types of workers, such as grocery store and agricultural employees – and is shifting to a system that is strictly age-based, with the next round of shots open to people who are 55 to 64 beginning March 1.

The announcement came just as the state was supposed to open up the next round of vaccines to “essential workers” such as teachers and other school staff, grocery store employees and transportation workers, as well as people 16 and older who have underlying health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

State officials said teachers and others who work in the schools will still be prioritized in the coming weeks, with special clinics devoted just to those employees. Schools staff is expected to become eligible beginning March 1, with a goal of giving all workers who want a shot access to a first dose by late March.

For everyone else, age will be the determining factor in access to the vaccine. People ages 55 to 64 can sign up starting March 1. Those aged 45 to 54 will be able to schedule an appointment beginning March 22, and people aged 35 to 44 will be eligible starting April 12. Those 34 and younger will be eligible beginning May 3.

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