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Lamont again calls for truck tolls

From Hartford Courant – Six Moments From The Ned Lamont, Bob Stefanowski Debate.

“If you want higher taxes, vote for Mr. Lamont.”

Who said it? Stefanowski

The business executive from Madison slammed Lamont’s plan to restore a popular property tax credit to help middle class homeowners.

“You know how large his property tax cut is? $100,’’ Stefanowski said. “At the same time he’s going to put up tolls that cost people hundreds of dollars a month. He’s going to raise income taxes and he’s going to bring a statewide auto tax.”

Lamont’s response?

The Greenwich businessman criticized Stefanowski’s plan to phase out the state income tax, saying it would blow a massive hole in the state budget.

“You said you’re going to eliminate over half of our budget, eliminate over half the revenue to support it. That would mean dramatic property tax increases,’’ Lamont said.

“That’s just out of fantasy land.”

Who said it? Lamont

He was referring to Stefanowski’s plan to avoid instituting highway tolls by partially privatizing roads and bridges.

“Even private enterprises need a way to get a return on their investment,’’ Lamont said. “I would put tolls on the big tractor trailers coming in and out of this state. Right now we have a transportation fund that’s going bankrupt.’’

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