Happy New Year from MTAC

We at MTAC want to wish you and your families a happy and healthy new year. Cheers to a successful and thriving 2023!

As the new year approaches, we are poised to represent the many interests that affect your ability to successfully operate businesses here in the state of Connecticut. We will continue to push back on the highway use tax (HUT) and defend any other costly measures the legislature or regulatory bodies may consider in the coming year.

As a reminder, if you are communicating with the Department of Revenue Services over the HUT, please provide us with any unclear feedback you may receive. We will continue bringing your concerns to DRS, hoping that DRS will soften some of the overly burdensome compliance measures.

And, of course, if an opportunity arises during the 2023 legislative session to repeal the HUT, we will fully support such a measure.

Last, I thank you all for your ongoing support. In just three months of being in this position, I have gained a tremendous amount of industry expertise, most, if not all, derived from interactions with our diverse membership. We are much more successful in numbers, and your engagement will be critical to our overall success as we move into 2023.

Please be safe on the roads and enjoy the rest of the holiday season.