Free food for truck drivers on Friday in Wallingford

The Motor Transport Association of Connecticut (MTAC) and one of their members will host a fourth event in which a member company will buy meals for commercial truck drivers from food truck operators at a Connecticut highway rest area.

Coastal Carriers of Connecticut will buy meals for truck drivers on Friday, May 29 from Chris and Roy’s food truck at the Wallingford rest area on I-91 Southbound from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Other food trucks which may be present at the rest area will be eligible to participate in this event as well. Drivers from MTAC member companies who may be in the area during their work day are encouraged to stop by for a meal during this event.

John Pruchnicki, who is a member of MTAC’s Board of Directors, and a past Chairman of the Board, is a co-owner of Coastal Carriers of Connecticut.

“I appreciate Coastal Carriers volunteering to host another food truck event where they will buy meals for commercial truck drivers,” said MTAC President Joe Sculley. “They, like our previous food truck event sponsors, want to show appreciation for truck drivers who have been working on the front lines in direct response to the pandemic.”

This Friday’s food truck event in Wallingford will follow other successful food truck events held by MTAC and their members. Whelen Engineering sponsored an event on May 6 in North Stonington; Berkshire Energy Depot sponsored an event on May 15 in Wallingford; Nutmeg International Trucks and Allegiance Truck Group sponsored an event on May 20 in Southington.