Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium

MTAC and our partner Fleet Screen would like to remind all drug and alcohol consortium participants about the importance of timely testing. Strict adherence to drug and alcohol tests that are scheduled by Fleet Screen is crucial for compliance with federal regulation. Any company that does not adhere to their scheduled drug and alcohol tests risks being removed from the consortium.

Members that are interested in joining the drug and alcohol testing consortium administered by Fleet Screen can download and remit the enrollment form. Contact the MTAC office if you have any questions.

Fleet Screen is dedicated to providing the highest quality screening practices, along with exceptional customer service, at a very competitive rate. In addition to working with MTAC, Fleet Screen also currently works with a number of other transportation industry associations. They have relationships with dozens of clinics in Connecticut, as well as other clinics all across the country.

Through this partnership with Fleet Screen, MTAC members will see greatly reduced administrative and financial burden for complying with federal drug and alcohol testing regulations. Check out their website for more information