Additional industry training seminars scheduled

MTAC is pleased to announce that several educational seminars have been added to the training calendar. These classes will be held at the MTAC office building, and will last for approximately two hours.

Hours of Service – Do you understand the hours of service regulation? When is a log book required? What are the requirements to claim the 100/150 air mile exemption? What records must I keep? These are some of the questions that will be discussed in this two-hour session on hours of service. Before the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rules apply in December of 2017, you must understand the basic requirements in order to determine exactly what must be done. Join us in the training opportunity to keep your company in compliance with federal regulations. Attend this class on Sept. 13 to help avoid fines and drivers being put out of service.

Cargo Securement – Cargo securement is always a concern to our industry. In recent years, more aggressive enforcement of the load securement regulations has been in effect. Load securement can affect your CSA safety rating. This seminar is designed to address many of the common issues related to load securement. We will talk about the “general requirements” as well as “load specific” requirements. We will work through a few problems in calculating load securement requirements. Of course, we will strive to answer some of those specific questions your particular operation may have. This two-hour session on Oct. 4 should help you avoid any “unfortunate situations” that may occur.

Complying with the FMCSA – This two-hour session is designed to help you in your compliance efforts in regards to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. We will examine some of the common causes of violations during an investigation/audit. Are you prepared for that “knock on the door” with the FMCSA investigator? Being prepared and having an idea of the process, as well as what will be checked, will result in better outcomes. It is much easier to be in compliance than to pay fines, have your safety status downgraded, or in the extreme case receive a shutdown order. Be proactive in your compliance efforts by attending this class on Oct. 18.