2022 Connecticut Truck Driving Championship Winners

The 2022 Connecticut Truck Driving Championship was held on Saturday, June 11 at FedEx Freight in Windsor Locks, Conn. Congratulations to all of the winners, and to this year’s Grand Champion, Roland Bolduc from FedEx Express! The following is a list of winners from all classes of competition.

Step Van

  • 1st Place: John Sanchez, FedEx Express
  • 2nd Place: John Reopelle, FedEx Express
  • 3rd Place: John Falkevitz, FedEx Express

Straight Truck

  • 1st Place: Karen Roderick, FedEx Ground
  • 2nd Place: Kenneth Lawton, FedEx Freight
  • 3rd Place: Drew Martin, FedEx Express


  • 1st Place: James Dixon, A. Duie Pyle
  • 2nd Place: Glen Cooke, FedEx Express
  • 3rd Place: Kasseme Smith, FedEx Freight


  • 1st Place: Dave Buonocore, Bozzuto’s
  • 2nd Place: Tom Griffin, XPO Logistics
  • 3rd Place: Aaron Sperry, A. Duie Pyle


  • 1st Place: John Lanty, Martin Brower
  • 2nd Place: Ed Carroll. Bozzuto’s
  • 3rd Place: Gerald Deshenes, Jr, A. Duie Pyle


  • 1st Place: John Brown, Scott’s Miracle Gro
  • 2nd Place: George Dragon, Frito-Lay
  • 3rd Place: Zach Huot, Herb Holden Trucking


  • 1st Place: Roland Bolduc, FedEx Express
  • 2nd Place: Donald Chieco, FedEx Ground

Tank Truck

  • 1st Place: Tony Spero, ABF Freight
  • 2nd Place: Rand Frazier, Soundview Transportation / East River Energy

Twin Trailers

  • 1st Place: Ernie Budlowski, XPO Logistics
  • 2nd Place: Joel Colonmercado, FedEx Freight
  • 3rd Place: Shawn Huff, FedEx Ground