driver with CDL

Virtual Meeting: Recruiting and hiring CDL drivers

MTAC has been working with a group called Ameelio Emerge on multiple pieces of legislation regarding recruiting and training future Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders. Ameelio is also currently working with some of MTAC’s CDL training school members to recruit and train drivers. Ameelio and the CDL training schools have graduates who are looking for driving jobs. MTAC knows that we have members who are looking for drivers. Accordingly, MTAC would like to provide an opportunity to make connections.

MTAC will host a Zoom event on Thursday, April 28 at 10 a.m., where Ameelio will tell MTAC members a little bit about their organization, and then ultimately interested MTAC members can work with Ameelio and the CDL training schools to hopefully hire newly-licensed drivers.

Ameelio may also discuss how they work with individuals who have obtained their CLP, and are looking for “on the job” training to obtain their CDL, rather than through attendance at a CDL training school.

Register to attend the Zoom meeting below.