Understand Hours of Service regulations


FMCSA’s Educational Tool for Hours of Service (ETHOS) helps motor carriers and drivers better understand the HOS regulations going into effect on September 29, 2020. When drivers and carriers enter their duty statuses into the web-based log below, ETHOS will identify where potential violations of the following rules may have occurred:

  • 11-hour driving limit (property) or 10-hour driving limit (passenger)
  • 14-hour driving window (property) or 15-hour on-duty limit (passenger)
  • 30-minute break (property)
  • Sleeper berth provision

Click here to access FMCSA’s Educational Toll for Hours of Service.

Note from MTAC

Register for the free Hours of Service educational session during the MTAC virtual annual meeting at 2 p.m. on Oct. 29.