Truckers love Stefanowski

From WTNH.

Republican Bob Stefanowski got a hero’s welcome from the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut that represents hundreds of trucking firms and an estimated 60,000 employees. It’s not hard to see why.

On Thursday, Stefanowski said, “Absolutely no tolls during the entire term. That’s a real promise.”

Andy Anastasio of Anastasio & Sons Trucking comes from a multi-generation trucking firm in New Haven and, like most of his peers, is turned off by Ned Lamont’s proposal to impose tolls on out-of-state trucks and claims that truckers are getting a free ride. He greatly prefers Stefanowski’s no tolls promise, and said, “Yes, he seems to be singing the right tune for us.”

John Pruchnicki of Coastal Carriers Trucking added, “Mr. Stefanowski, he’s indicated he’s not interested in tolls at all so, you know, that would be the person we’d like to see there.”

Stefanowski really had the crowd all to himself. The Association said they invited Lamont, but they never heard back from his campaign.