Truckers Against Trafficking is saving lives

From Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT).

We all know drivers have been working around the clock to keep America moving, and that the truck stop industry has kept its doors open to serve them and the rest of the motoring public … for that we are grateful! But did you know that they are also hard at work, alongside law enforcement, helping to save lives?

  • The National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) reports that in the last 5 years over 41% of the cases truckers have reported to them involve victims that are minors.
  • Drivers have now made over 2600 calls into the hotline, generating close to 700 cases, involving 1278 victims… and this is only one slice of the data pie, as it doesn’t include calls into 911 or the local sheriff’s office.
  • Two out of the five TAT Harriet Tubman Award winners have been truck stop employees, with a current partner just reporting an amazing case of victim recovery at one of their locations.
  • This June, a CSP Port of Entry Officer, attributed the recovery of a potential victim and arrest of a potential trafficker, to the in-depth law enforcement training she received from TAT staff.

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