TrucBrush offers 10% discount to MTAC members

TrucBrush unit installedMTAC associate member, TrucBrush Corporation, is generously offering MTAC members a 10% discount when purchasing their patented, mobile snow-removal device. TrucBrush is a polypropylene-bristled broom powered by a front-end loader that clears accumulated snow off the tops of trucks, trailers and buses faster, safer and more effectively than other methods. The unit is available for purchase, rent, or companies may hire a snow service vendor to provide the service.


TrucBrush service is easily implemented into a company’s snow management protocol with either the snow contractor providing the service, a Preferred Vendor offering it in conjunction with a facility’s overall snow management or the facility itself implementing the snow removal method. TrucBrush improves deployment time during a period when a facility needs it the most. It increases operational efficiencies by allowing the same equipment that operates TrucBrush for clearing snow off the fleet’s rooftops to be utilized for terminal and parking lot clearing of snow if desired. When TrucBrush is coordinated with a facility’s overall snow management, bay areas can also be cleared of snow before melting and refreeze occurs that is so common at docks. This adds to your overall safety initiatives.

For more information contact Debora Babin Katz by phone at (877) 783-0237 or via email.

This is a great product that can be used to comply with Connecticut’s law requiring the removal of accumulated snow and ice from all vehicles.