Tips for the trucking industry to stay healthy and safe

During this public health emergency, the trucking industry is considered “essential” and may continue to operate during Governor Lamont’s “stay at home” Executive Order. While the industry is working, we must do everything possible to protect the health and safety of member employees. Accordingly, MTAC is sharing some practices being used by members to maximize the health and safety of not only drivers, but all employees.

Members may consider the following:

  • Implore employees to stay home if sick
  • If employees have symptoms such as fever or respiratory issues, require them to seek medical evaluation immediately
  • If any drivers develop symptoms, deep clean their truck extensively with a cleaner utilizing personal protective equipment
  • Ensure drivers are getting the rest they need to maintain their own health
  • Distribute anti-bacterial wipes to each driver to carry with them to wipe their cabs, equipment, door handles, and trailer handles regularly
  • Ask drivers to stay in their truck as much as possible while on the job
  • Suggest drivers bring their own lunch, coffee, etc. to refrain from stopping at stores in order to minimize exposure
  • Encourage drivers to stay six feet away from others when they make store deliveries, if possible
  • Ask customers to eliminate the need for physical signatures whenever possible
  • If a signature is required, drivers should use their own pens for signing, not share a pen
  • Drivers should wear gloves as much as possible, i.e. at fuel pumps, while making deliveries, etc.
  • Clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces
  • Have dispatchers wear gloves when receiving and processing paperwork
  • Sanitize e-jacks and trailer doors on a continual basis
  • Clean interior bay doors and related equipment/buttons on a continual basis

Best wishes to all MTAC members during these difficult times.