State DERA funding opportunity – Apply before Nov. 25


Mobile sources account for 36% of the carbon pollution and 67% of the smog-forming air pollution in Connecticut. To address this pollution, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is committed to supporting projects that reduce emissions from diesel and other vehicles.

This year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is allocating to Connecticut a minimum of $320,000, authorized under the federal Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA), for projects to reduce diesel pollution in the state.  In addition, DEEP has reserved the opportunity to more than double its DERA allocation using funds available through the “DERA Option” under Connecticut’s Volkswagen Mitigation Program (VW Program); this could increase the total to as much as $728,000.

DEEP is seeking grant proposals from municipalities, organizations, and businesses for diesel emissions reduction projects that are environmentally and economically beneficial, can be initiated promptly, and will be completed by August 31, 2020.

Applicants should be aware that DEEP has completed two rounds of project solicitations under Connecticut’s Volkswagen Mitigation Program0F1 (VW Program) and will be seeking additional proposals for VW funding in the future. Over $55 million will be available through the VW Program to fund nitrogen oxide (NOX) mitigation projects, including diesel emission reduction projects, over the next ten years. Incentives under the VW Program are potentially more generous than under the DERA Program, however many clean diesel projects that are eligible for the State DERA Program, are not eligible for VW funding.

You may view more information about projects eligible for DERA funding and an application via the links below.