Speaker Pelosi eyes as much as $2 Trillion for infrastructure

From Transport Topics.

On April 4, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dialed up the president and requested a meeting. She talked to Donald Trump about working together on an infrastructure package.

It was the first phone call between the two since the testy days of the government shutdown earlier this year, and it seemed productive. They are planning to meet, she told the Associated Press in an April 10 interview.

On April 11, Pelosi told reporters she’s looking for at least $1 trillion for the infrastructure package — far more than the $200 billion Trump has proposed — and she would like to get it closer to $2 trillion. She said she expects to “meet soon” with the president to discuss it.

“I have pooh-poohed his $200 billion mini-nothing of an infrastructure bill,” she said during the House Democrats’ issues conference retreat in Virginia. “And I think he probably knows that was not a successful path to building the infrastructure from sea to shining sea.”

Lawmakers said they expect to have legislation ready for consideration in the House by June or July.

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