Salary data for truck drivers and engine maintenance techs

Some MTAC members have recently asked if there is any benchmarking data available regarding compensation for both truck drivers, and engine maintenance technicians. There is – through data published by the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is Connecticut-specific data, as well as data at the national level.

As of May 2020, there were 12,800 “heavy and tractor trailer truck drivers” in Connecticut who earned an average annual salary of $51,990. That number exceeds that national average of $48,710 for the same time period. Nationally, heavy and tractor trailer truck drivers in the 90th percentile of the pay scale earned $69,480 annually as of May 2020.

The BLS data shows that as of May 2020, there were 2,070 individuals employed as a “bus and truck mechanic [or] diesel engine specialist,” with the average annual salary of $60,920. This average salary is the fourth highest in the country, behind Alaska, Massachusetts, and Washington State.

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