Reminder: Drug & alcohol testing consortium with Fleet Screen

MTAC is transitioning to a new partner who will run its drug and alcohol testing consortium. Members should continue to complete any random tests that were scheduled by its former partner between now and December 31, 2016, but should sign up with Fleet Screen as soon as possible.

MTAC’s new partner, Fleet Screen, will save members significant time and money. A move to Fleet Screen will result in a nearly 20% reduction in per-test drug test costs to members. Additionally, members will save even more money because Fleet Screen will test at a rate that is much more in-line with what is required by federal regulation. They will not over-test. Time spent away from the job in order to get tested will be minimized.

Fleet Screen currently works with a number of other state trucking associations, and is a strong supporter of MTAC. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality screening services, along with exceptional customer service.

To ensure Fleet Screen has current information on each member, and to facilitate a smooth transition during setup, please fill out this Setup Form, including your random pool participant lists, and email to Laurie Biggs at and Shelley Sullivan at