Regulatory Outlook: Trucking and the 2020 election

From Fleet Owner.

Each U.S. presidential election year comes with its own air of uncertainty, but this year, that uncertainty has been compounded by a global health crisis, a nation divided, and adapting to a new way to conduct business.

Included in the ranks of the nation’s essential, front-line workers, the trucking industry has been the glue holding the economy together over the course of the pandemic, but there is a lot at stake for the industry heading into the Nov. 3 election. Possible changes to federal hours of service (HOS) rules under a new administration, addressing the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, and hair testing for drugs and alcohol are just a few top-of-mind items for trucking industry stakeholders.

So, what should the industry anticipate under a second term of President Donald Trump? What regulatory changes could occur under a President Joe Biden? Or, to make things even more interesting, what if Trump wins reelection but Democrats take over the Senate?

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