Recreational marijuana legalization testimony

This Friday, March 22, MTAC President Joe Sculley will testify on legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. Written testimony has already been submitted, which states, in part:

MTAC is not necessarily opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana. However, Commercial Driver’s License holders operating Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) are required by federal regulation to be tested for controlled substances (drugs and alcohol), per 49 CFR Part 382 – CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES AND ALCOHOL USE AND TESTING. This will still be the case even if Connecticut legalizes recreational marijuana.

Commercial truck drivers based in Connecticut who are required to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License will still be subject to all of the following testing, even if Connecticut legalizes recreational marijuana:

  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Random testing
  • Post-accident drug testing (if applicable)
  • Reasonable suspicion testing (if applicable)
  • Return to duty testing (if applicable)
  • Follow up testing (if applicable)

The testimony also called for protections for employers. Accordingly, employers should not be penalized by the state in any way if they are forced to take action against an employee for simply acting in accordance with federal regulations. Any legislation to legalize recreational marijuana should, at a minimum, refer to federal regulations and provide protection for the employer who complies as required.

Click here to see a copy of the complete testimony.