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Trucking Moves America Forward

In 2014 alone, more than 80 percent of our nation’s freight was hauled by a truck. Whether the economy is chugging along or has hit a rough patch, trucking remains an integral part of our nation’s economy. Trucking is a vital transportation link not only for domestic goods but international products as well. With more than 7-million […]

Connecticut 2015 Legislative Session Review

The 2015 Connecticut legislative session was a busy year for the General Assembly and consequently at Motor Transport Association of Connecticut. After being sworn in for his second term, Governor Malloy kicked open the doors of the State Capitol and began a very busy and historic session. After promising no tax increases, his budget eliminated exemptions […]

Riley Honored by State Trucking Association Managers

MTAC President Mike Riley – who will retire in January after 29 years of service to the association – received special recognition from his colleagues at their annual meeting in Florida, in early July. The American Trucking Associations’ Trucking Associations Executive Council (TAEC) presented him with the first annual TAEC Chairman’s Award of Excellence. In […]

FMCSA exemption from HOS 30-minute rest requirement

The recently released Federal Register announcement from FMCSA grants specialized carriers an exemption from the hours of service 30-minute rest requirement. Review the notice dated June 18, 2015 – [PDF] (Dock No. FMCSA-2014-0420 starts in the middle column.) Carriers transporting over-dimension, permitted loads, will not be required to take the 30-minute rest break required of other CDL […]

General Assembly passes MTAC’s highest legislative priority

Connecticut House Bill No 6707 (Partial Version) [PDF] – An act concerning the loss of an operator license due to a drug or alcohol testing program and unemployment benefits. To prevent an employer’s base period account from being charged for unemployment benefits if the claimant has been discharged or suspended because the claimant lost his or her […]

Diesel price drops 4.2 cents per gallon on July 1

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services has released its annual calculation for the diesel fuel tax that will be in place for the next year. The tax will decrease from 54.5 cents to 50.3 cents per gallon. The cost of diesel fuel during the previous year is a factor used to calculate the future tax […]

MTAC member inducted into Women In Trucking board

TrucBrush Corporation is proud to announce that its vice president, Debora Babin Katz was inducted to the board of the Women In Trucking (WIT) Foundation on May 19. Founded in 2011, the WIT Foundation is affiliated with the non-profit organization Women In Trucking Association, Inc. and is responsible for raising funds for scholarships and encouraging […]

Alternatives to highway tolls in Connecticut

Mike Riley, president of MTAC talks with Al Terzi about the idea of the State bringing tolls to Connecticut highways.  The interview aired on May 10 on Fox 61 during The Real Story. Riley and MTAC suggests increasing the federal gasoline tax as it would be easier to manage than implementing tolls. The federal gasoline tax […]

Summer Brake Seminar Training Starts May 21

Meet federal standards and add a Certificate of Training during seminars at MTAC. Air System, Commercial Brake & ABS Seminars in Hartford.

Finance Committee does not repeal sales tax exemption

The tax bill approved by the Finance Committee last evening did not include a repeal of Connecticut’s current exemption of new, used or leased commercial vehicles from Connecticut’s sales tax. While repeal of this exemption was on the list Tuesday night, the bill drafted by the chairmen for the Wednesday committee meeting did not include the language. […]