Precautions to prevent fraud

From MTAC partner Acadia Insurance.

Disruption in the world has created significant opportunity for fraud in many unimaginable ways. We encourage you to take additional steps to make certain that actions you take in connection with sharing information and making payments to third parties do not result in unintended consequences. Spoofing and phishing emails, amongst other strategies by fraudsters, are even more prevalent in an environment where so many of us are working remotely. Please be careful and take the extra time to fully and completely validate any such interactions you may have with third parties, particularly prior to making payments. Please note that this is for general information purposes only, and nothing herein is intended to constitute legal advice or the provision of professional consulting services.

Although there are unfortunately many ways during the COVID-19 pandemic for fraud and criminal activities, there are few common means of being victimized electronically. Common means of cyber fraud committed against individuals and organizations are through phishing, spoofing, and ransomware attacks.

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