MTAC visits John DeGrand & Son

Last week, MTAC President Joe Sculley visited the headquarters of John DeGrand & Son, Inc. DeGrand specializes in daily, overnight, and next day service throughout the Tri-State area and New England region. All services provided to these areas are handled exclusively by John DeGrand & Son’s employees.

John DeGrand & Son, Inc. also provides services throughout the continental United States. To accomplish these services in the safest, most time efficient, cost effective, and quality assured manner, John DeGrand & Son’s employees manage and track all services from start to finish.

For larger projects throughout the United States, John DeGrand & Son and their employees are always available to be on hand at site to manage, oversee, run, operate, and transport any project from start to finish. Their services include delivery and moving, warehousing, battery recycling, packaging/crating, and logistics.

It was great to meet with MTAC Board member Tom DeGrand, as well as another DeGrand leader who is active within MTAC, Mike DeGrand. Be sure to visit their website.