MTAC members can save with BestPass

Through MTAC’s agreement with BestPass, members can save time and money on tolls in surrounding states. MTAC members can get a discount on service fees, and, because of our bulk purchasing power, save as much as 20 percent on tolls by using the service.

BestPassMembers should consider using BestPass in order to take advantage of using one transponder that allows for quick toll payment (including additional/volume discounts) on major thoroughfares such as: the New York State Thruway, Pennsylvania Turnpike, New Jersey Turnpike, NYC Bridges & Tunnels, and the Maryland Transportation Authority highways, bridges & tunnels, among others.

Additionally, getting involved in this program will allow for simple, consolidated account management. Invoices will be an inclusive monthly statement of all toll fees, normalized to the calendar month, which will ask for a single, simple payment for all toll usage.

Visit the BestPass website and contact MTAC if you have questions.