Managing your unoccupied premises

From MTAC partner Acadia Insurance

Unoccupied buildings may be at risk of fire caused by arson or an electrical malfunction, vandalism, loss of materials or property damage from break-ins, unapproved use by squatters, and/or general deterioration from natural causes. Although the building may be temporarily closed, property owners and business owners should follow certain measures to help reduce the risk of loss or damage occurring while the building is not in use.

Before Shutting Down

  • To prevent pipes from freezing, any heating units should be adjusted so that the temperature in the building is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or greater
  • Mail delivery services should be put on hold or redirected
  • Unnecessary building contents should be removed, including any combustible materials
  • Employee keys and access passes should be collected

Weekly Inspections

  • The premises should be inspected on a weekly basis at a minimum
  • All inspections should be formally documented
  • Any identified damage should be reported and mitigated as soon as possible

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