Lamont looking to borrow against future toll revenues

Excerpt from Associated Press.

Drajewicz, state Treasurer Shawn Wooden and others have also been meeting with experts on public private partnerships to see if there’s an opportunity for Connecticut to work with a private entity to develop tolls.

However, there’s skepticism at the state Capitol about whether Connecticut should follow the privatization route that some cities and states have taken.

Joe Sculley, a lobbyist and president of the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut, a trucking organization that opposes tolls, said there’s been a “pretty bad history” of governments trying to get upfront cash from leasing everything from highways to parking meters to private entities. He sees similarities to Lamont’s idea of borrowing money from a private backer against future toll revenues.

“This is just such a complex issue, and I think that people just see money,” he said. “People see dollar signs and that’s as far as their gaze goes.”

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