Inclement weather and over-dimensioned moves

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) has revised their policy regarding the movement of over-dimensioned loads as it pertains to inclement weather. MTAC worked with CT DOT during the crafting of the new policy. The changes will provide clarity as to when moves can or cannot be made during inclement weather, in order to better insure highway safety.

MTAC appreciates the opportunity to work with CT DOT on this issue. The following is the new language regarding inclement weather that CT DOT will begin to use on over-dimensioned permits. This is effective as of August 1, 2017.

Inclement Weather

No travel is allowed when weather conditions or restricted visibility make traveling hazardous to the operator or to the driving public as follows.

Visibility – No travel is allowed when fog, rain, or other atmospheric conditions reduce visibility to less than 1,000 feet.

Ice – No travel is allowed during any ice condition including, but not limited to: snow, freezing precipitation, slush, roadway ice, or any combination thereof.

Roadway Surface – No travel is allowed when the surface of the roadway is made hazardous by the conditions listed above.

Wind – No travel is allowed when wind conditions can cause a failure to stay in an established lane.