Highway protests impact commercial trucking

Yesterday, a truck owned by a MTAC member company, which was carrying hazardous material, was caught in the middle of a protest on a highway in Connecticut. Protesters began climbing on the truck, including on top of the tank trailer, where some protesters were reportedly smoking cigarettes. MTAC received several questions from members about how they should respond if they are ever caught in this dangerous situation, so MTAC reached out to state law enforcement officials.

MTAC talked with leaders from the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP), and the DMV Commercial Vehicle Safety Division (CVSD) to seek guidance on this issue. The message to MTAC members if they are caught in the middle of a dangerous highway protest while transporting hazardous material is to call 911, identify their location, and be prepared to immediately tell first responders/law enforcement what they are transporting. This information will be key to helping law enforcement protect the safety of the driver, and everyone in the vicinity of the truck transporting hazardous materials.

Let MTAC know if you have any questions, and stay safe.